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Hi All!

If you have news about yourself or others you'd like to share with our classmates, e-mail HapiHopi@aol.com and I will post it within a few days. News about upcoming events as well as the follow-up reports will be published on the "What's Happening?" page.

Bev Bryan Hoppe


Alumni Updates

Update on Jeanine Eads Smith, Class of '60, 9/08/2015

The first thing I'd like to say about myself at this point in time is that I am happy and healthy and thank God for my wonderful, simple life in this little city of Green Cove Springs FL that I love so much, and certainly for my healing. After colon cancer in 2003, the only complaint I have is that I am still overweight. I can live with that! :)
I have remained single after losing my John over 32 years ago. Being happy was a choice for me, and I embraced it everyday. I spent years in Gainesville, off and on joining things and staying busy, raising my three boys and working, working, working.
Now I live in a Key West style house I built eight years ago in an old neighborhood in Green Cove where neighbors are like family. We rock on my front porch and watch the world go by, we cook and share our cooking, and we take care of each other when the need arises. Living three doors down from the St. John's River makes early sunrises and breezy evenings reasons to drink coffee, sip wine and socialize on a moment's notice.
I have a son living next door on the west side and a niece and her daughters living next door on the east side. They are both in their early 40s. Have I guaranteed that I'll have someone to help watch over me as I grow older? Sure hope so! All the rest of my family are still living in Fort Lauderdale. They still talk about relocating...
That is my life, simple as it is, and I so love it!
I will be at the reunion in October and am so anxious to see old friends. With so many people to look for, it's hard to know whether someone is there or not. If we knew each other or were friends, please e-mail me and let me know you'll be there. ivyjuliajohn@yahoo.com
Safe trips everyone!

Update on Jim Randle, Class of '61, 4/28/2015

I and my wife are planning to attend the reunion. Cruise is booked and hotel is being made.
My full name is Walton James (Jim) Randle and my wife is Minnie Randle.
Phone - (cell) 205-531-5615, 205-531-4743.
Address is 5049 Indian Valley Road,Birmingham,Alabama,35244.
Email is r_minnie@bellsouth.net.
This will be my first reunion.
Jim Randle

Update on Marilyn From Sam Wilkin, Class of '60, October 11, 2012

Got Marilyn home today [Thursday] around 1 PM. Her blood pressure was going up and then down, then up,etc. so they kept her another night or she would have been home Wednesday night. She wasn't getting any sleep as anyone that has been hospitalised well knows, plus some other items with medications. She is resting pretty good now. I think she just needed to be home. We'll keep an eye on the blood pressure tho. She has been walkin around quit a bit and took a shower tonight and is in good spirits. We see both doctors next Tuesday. Thanks again for your many prayers. You just don't know the power of prayer. I'll try and keep you all posted on her progress. Right now she needs quiet and rest for a little while longer.

Love you all and Marilyn sends her thanks.

From Marilyn Kalie Wilkin, Class of '60, October 6, 2012

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast this time - not related at all to the last one. It is a serious one and I have chosen to try not to go thru this ever again. I am scheduled to have a double mastectomy on the 9th of Ocober. It will be done at Moffitt by my last surgeon who I trust with removing this cancer. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers because I know I am in God's loving arms.


(If you'd like to send her a card, their address is
Sam and Marilyn Wilkin
2411 Van Pelt Road
Sebring, FL 33870)

Dragon Authors Publish Books

Dixie Joyner(Class of '59) reports:

We have some very talented people from our Class of 59.

Both Babs Brookshire (Beverly Reynolds - bevrey@insightbb.com ) and Vic DiGenti ( Parker Francis) have new books coming out! Not the first for either of them.

Hope you take a look at these and enjoy them as much as I have!!

And Howard Daniel tells us about his many books:
"I have attached the cover and back for my fifth book which was published in Viet Nam about 18 months ago. It sold out over there in about two months. I have a few here in the USA but I am leaving within a couple of weeks for five months in SE Asia, so I cannot take any orders. My sixth book about Cambodia and my seventh book about Lao (Laos in the old days) will be published while I am there. Monument Books in Phnom Penh, Cambodia has already pre-ordered 90% of the printing and they will be sold in their SE Asian bookstores and likely from their website too. I will be back in March of next year and will hopefully have some copies of both books with me.


Dragon BFF's Have Mimi-Reunion!

Brenda Blocker Newham(Class of '59) reports:
Carolyn Mitchell Gallegos (Class of 59) and husband, Joe, were in Orlando recently on business. We were able to meet for dinner one evening and also for lunch and shopping on another day. Always fun to catch up with BFF's after so many years.

Pictured are Carolyn and Joe in the 1st photo; Brenda, Barbara Kost and Carolyn; and Norm, Barbara, Joeand Carolyn in the 3rd photo.

Norm & Barbara Kost Kasch (Class of '59) Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Brenda Blocker Newham(Class of '59) reports:
Class of '59's Barbara Kost Kasch and her husband Norm celebrated their 50th anniversary at a party hosted by their 3 children. These are some photos from their very nice event.

Brenda is pictured with Barbara and Larry Oxley(Class of '59) in the 1st photo; Barbara's sister Pat Kost Brown(Class of '61) is with Barbara and Norm in the center photo; and Barbara and Larry again in the 3rd photo.


News about Elton Powers, Class of '59, July 6, 2012

Hi Dragons,

I just had a call from Carolyn Powers regarding Elton's upcoming birthday.

Elton was diagnosed with Alzheimers 6 years ago and they've been dealing with that. Not surprising, he is battling depression along with everything else. One of the things he still enjoys is his "memory walks" where he and Carolyn chat about school friends, working on reunions, etc. But he feels no one remembers him. So Carolyn is requesting that we all send him a birthday card to cheer him up.

His birthday is on September 21 but Carolyn says you can send the card at any time as they will go to their daughter's house and then will all be put into a nice birthday basket which they'll give him on the big day. Send the cards to

Elton Powers
c/o Jennifer Powers
49 Oakmont
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

If you'd like to chat with Carolyn you can reach her at 954-444-8516.

Please pass this along to anyone who might have known Elton. I know they will appreciate it. Even if you didn't know Elton or Carolyn, maybe you'd like to send a card - just because he's a fellow Dragon!




News from Cherie Ryan, Class of '59, August 20, 2011

Dear Bev H., and members of the Class of '59,

It was wonderful to discover this website today!

I have tried for five years to connect with graduates of '59, especially when our 50th anniversary came around in 2009. I even tried calling the administration at Stranahan, and was referred to various 'voice mails", but never received a return call. Unfortunately, as a result of my internet searches, I did receive many spams wanting me to pay money to get info/souvenirs, plaques, etc... about our school.

My class was the very FIRST to graduate from Stranahan. If my memory is right, the wife of Frank Stranahan attended our event.

If you ever want to be reminded of how bad situations can turn out well, here is my "story" -

I married in the summer before our senior year started. A teen marriage seemed the only way out of my horrific home environment. Fortunately for me, I was allowed by Dr. Grace Hunter to remain in school, as long as I was NOT pregnant! lol There was no such thing as "alternative schools" in those days! She knew my academic background, and for whatever reason, believed in me and knew I needed that opportunity to graduate. I was determined not to disappoint her nor my other teachers. Not only did I graduate with my senior class that May, but I went on to earn advanced degrees in education.

I recently retired from teaching, and always remembered how teachers had changed my life forever. As corny as it sounds, those teachers that I had that '58-'59 year influenced me in so many ways. Miss Mildred Murrell taught me more than English; Mr. Robert Barnes; Mrs. Joyce Niedenthal ( I sewed a zipper in backwards!); Mr. Cox (driver's ed) unknowingly saved my life many times when I used his safe driving tips, and most of all - Ms. Mary Perfect, who never gave up, in spite of my lack of Algebra skills!

I did not "hang out" with the "cool kids," especially since I had the stigma of being the ONLY married (but not pregnant) senior!

But I did have some friends that I have never forgotten, although I have not had any contact with them for 50 years.

Dixie Lee Joyner, Skip Larsen, Lil Dunmire, Diane DeCarlo, Wayne Sprouse, and Kathy Magda are a few of the names I can recall. I only have kind memories of the way they treated me. Many of them knew why I married - to "escape" an unhealthy home life, so they seemed to understand why I chose that path.

I just wish they could see how wonderful my life has turned out. God has blessed me in many ways.

I am attaching a pic taken of me a couple of years ago. I would love to be in touch with anyone who would like to share some laughs! E-mail me at cryan4@austin.rr.com.


Cheryl (Cherie) Ryan, proud member of the class of '59!


News From Jane L. "Sam" Heede, Class of '60, June 2011

Sam is single, retired and lives in Sebring, FL. She says, I never married - I am the original runaway bride. I am editor of the Spring Lake Neighborhood Newsletter. I also promote Sebring and Highlands County any way I can. Im remodeling my old house on a lake into a Key West-style beach cottage. I enjoy tootling around on my golf cart. Im still doing genealogy at no charge for anyone seeking family tree info. E-mail me at Samatsea@embarqmail.com and let me do some for you. Fort Lauderdale was my hometown since 1948 but I wish I had moved to Sebring 20 years ago when Eastern Airlines folded its wings and I was out of a job. There is a magical quality to life here that makes me feel like a teenager again. I did not even realize the extent to which the area had changed until I got away from the hustle and bustle, noise and crowds. Sebring reminds me of Hollywood, FL, in the 40s. I say, if this is all there is to Paradise, it will be enough.


From Joanna Akers Rand, Class of '60, June 2011

Godspeed, Ted!

It was one of my joys to finally re-connect with such a great guy and Alice. I am married to a Ret. Naval Officer and Ted gave me one of his printed medallions for service to this country. He said to thank my husband for his service. Now Al is using it when we all play Texas hold 'em poker once a month and tells the story to all our good friends. We play for fun but everyone loves the story.

I hope to return to Florida next year or the year after. We had a great visit with Mickey and Walt as they drove all the way from Florida to Oregon to spend a week with us and help their church. Walt said it was the most fun he has had in a long time.

Anyone from Stranahan who wants to visit, let us know. Have plenty of room and always glad to have fun.


Ted Mallory, Class of '60, June 26, 2011

It is with great sadness I report that Ted Mallory died this morning. A retired Major General in the USAF as well as a retired pilot with Northwest Airlines, Ted has always been a ready supporter of the Stranahan Alumni Association. He and his wife Alice have been faithful attendees at our reunions down through the years. He will be greatly missed. For more information, visit his CaringBridge site at Ted Mallory's CaringBridge Site


News From Brenda Cockrum, Class of '60, May 2011

Hi Bev and all other Stranahan Friends,

It's always good to see familiar faces and names in print. Memories of sandy beaches, swaying palms, and SHS classmates flood my heart!

Please include in your next newsletter my request for stories for a book, Two Angels of Mercy, which will hopefully go into print late August. I'm looking for TRUE, ORIGINAL, UNPUBLISHED STORIES of angel encounters, divine intervention, and first hand witnessing of our Lord's emissaries among humans. Original sketches are welcome, too, for I want a great book jacket design. Accounts received so far are so exciting; I'm looking forward to many more from all over the country.

My email address (given to me by my granddaughter) is dedathegrandma@yahoo.com

Again, it's so great to be kept in the loop, and I will make one of your events some day! Take care.

Brenda Cockrum, Class of '60


News from Dane Jensen, Class of '60, May 2011

Just wanted all my friends in the Classes of '59-'60-'61 that I am a docent at the Bonnet House in Ft. Lauderdale and do give tours weekly. For my classmates I may get them in at a reduced price if given advance notice. Please give me advance notice of at least a week and how many people in your party!!

Time and date are important.




Update on Bud (Bill) Michener, Class of '59, March 2011

I'm married to LeMoyne Freed, South Broward Class of 58. We have 5 kids and 10 grand kids. Moved to DeLand in 81 and then to Maryland's eastern shore in 97. I hit 200 pounds and 70 years old three months ago. Retired (thank you LORD) mechanical engineer still playing with old cars.

ALSO... my sister Sally, Class of 61, is alive and well living in PA.

Best wishes to everyone,

Bill (Bud) Meichner class of 59.


Larry Oxley (Class of '59) Celebrates 70th Birthday

Happy Days are Here Again! Larry Oxley believes that life begins at 70 and he feels we should have many happy days ahead for the next 30 years. These photos show some other class of 59'ers who helped him celebrate at Longhorn's Restaurant in Altamonte Springs on Monday night, the 14th of March. This group usually meets once a month for dinner and this was a special celebration of one of our classmates. Wish more of you could have joined the party. Pictures above include birthday boy Larry, Suzanne Scott, Bob & Brenda Blocker (c/'59) Newham, Helen Merritt (c/'59) Bryan and Charlie Faro.


Ronny Hawks: "Alive and Kicking" February 1, 2011

Hi Bev,
Just found your message on the answer phone wondering whether the obit you saw in the newspaper was indeed, Ron Hawks from Stranahan High, class of '59. I can only say like Mark Twain once said that "the news of my demise has been greatly exaggerated." The Lord has not yet called me to heaven--I just had wife Dotti to check my pulse and make sure. We are still happily living in Tallahassee (you may be aware that I married Dotti Hamilton, Class of '59). We just celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary, have had 5 children and now have 9 grand-kids and one on the way. Whew! We both hope to turn 70 this year like many of our fellow dragons.

Thanks for checking on me. Please refrain from putting me on the "Eternal Dragons" list just yet. However, Dotti and I would be interested in knowing those of our former classmates who have slipped into eternity, if you have a list.

With warmest regards,
Ronny Hawks

P.S. I just started humming "From Thee skill and science flow, all Thy knowledge we thee owe...".


Dennis O'Bea Celebrates 70th Birthday

Dennis' 70th birthday extravaganza was supposed to be a surprise party hosted by his daughter Denise. As often happens in such attempts, he found out about it. However, he didn't find out the best part until right before the event - that the party was to be a dinner cruise on the yacht "Sun Dream."

Fifty friends and relatives sailed up and down the Intercoastal on a balmy Fort Lauderdale evening. Check out the photos at Dennis O'Bea's 70th Birthday.


From Charlotte Davis Klimas, Class of 59, August 2, 2010

Life Update

Charlotte (Davis, 59) and Perry Klimas just celebrated 45 years in the same house in Plantation, FL on July 25th 2010. Those attending were some members of the Plantation Untied Methodist Church which Charlotte and Perry attend. Also in attendance were members of various ladies' clubs Charlotte belongs to, the mayor of Plantation and a city council member. Some educators that worked with Perry when he retired in 2003 from Driftwood Middle School, Hollywood, FL also attended.

Charlotte has been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for 32 years. Charlotte and Perry have two daughters and a granddaughter who will be 5 in September.

Charlotte and Perry will be celebrating their 50th anniversary, January 2011 at the Renaissance Hotel in Plantation.


From Howard A. Daniel III, Class of 59, July 22, 2010

Life Update

I went into the Army a couple of weeks after graduation and retired as a Master Sergeant in 1981. I had a chance to make Sergeant Major but blew it by threatening to shoot three Colonels from the Defense Intelligence Agency who would not support an intelligence operation I was involved with in the VN War. I was there for six years. I was recalled for Desert Storm and retired again in 1991. After working for three high technology firms in the Northern Virginia area for about ten years, I quit and started working for myself. I am a specialist in Southeast Asian financial instruments and their past and current uses. I just published my fifth catalog; Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Coins & Currency, and for the first time I had a catalog printed in Viet Nam. It sold out there in a few weeks. Right now, I am working on four other catalogs, and am always writing articles for various periodicals and journals. Who would have thought?

My wife; Phung Thi Daniel, and I have a condo in Northern Virginia and a waterfront home on the Chesapeake Bay near Deltaville, Virginia. We also have a townhouse in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) and a villa down in her hometown in the Mekong Delta. She is now a VP in FINRA but will retire in about 23 months and she is counting. After she retires, our plan is to spend the Virginia's six coldest months in Viet Nam, and Virginia's warmest six months in Virginia. Did that come out right? And we plan to travel around the world and the USA, to include Florida. I will retire from my research and writing when my eyes go bad and/or my fingers can no longer function on my laptop.

I can be reached at HADaniel3@msn.com.




From Steve Schoch and Kathy Goodnight Schoch, both Class of '61, June 22, 2010

Hi to the Class of '61,

Steve Schoch and Kathy Goodnight celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary and are doing very well. We went to the junior and senior proms together and decided to keep it going...so glad we did! Steve is a retired engineer and Kathy is still working as the assistant to the superintendent of a large private school in Sacramento.

A big "hello" to all of you,

Kathy and Steve Schoch


From Bill Goode, Class of '60, June 6, 2010

Thanks for the update and also for all you do for us aging Dragons. I don't know about you, but I'm having a real tough time breathing a decent fire anymore. My flamethrower is more like a Bic lighter these days......Our extended family's newest, my grand-nephew Cal Robert Prosperi, turns one-year-old today, June 6th. He is the firstborn of my sister Kris's (Class of '66) daughter Leah Prosperi and her husband Sam. I call him CaRob and he already loves his books (with which I keep him amply supplied). They live in Clovis, CA. Give my best to the gang. Cheers, Bill


From Lena Hoffman, Class of '61, June 6, 2010

I graduated with Dean E.Wilson who very soon after graduation joined the Air Force and went to Lackland AFB. I lost touch with him after that and wondered if there is anyway I can find out what happened to him. My maiden name was Fisher. Good work on keeping us updated! Glad to hear that some of us are still doing well and enjoying our lives! I sell Herbalife and love the products. If anyone in your area is interested, please email me at lenahoffman@verizon.net. I would be happy to hear from them! God Bless!


The Stranahan Alumni Association donated $500.00 to the Alumni Scholarship Fund inaugurated by Class of '59's Mike Roland. Mike and I (Bev) were invited to present the scholarship at Class Night on May 20. Mike couldn't make it, so I presented the first Alumni Scholarship to SHS Class of 2010's Carlos Luis.


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