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Reunion 2009 - The BIG 5-0 - happened on June 11 - 14, 2009!!
According to the reports, it was a great reunion - the "Best Ever" - but then that's what was said about every reunion! Read all about it in the latest edition of The Reunion Times !
If you'd like to see David Chinoy's scans of all the Stranahan Echoes from 1956-1960, go to David's Photosets on Flickr.
Click on "More Sets" and you should see icons for the Echoes as well as the "Last Will and Testamant" of the Class of '60.

Even if you never sent in a Registration Form and/or Directory Information, you might want to go ahead and send it now. There's a possibility that there will be a CD version of the Directory in the future. Here's the updated form in Microsoft Word 1997 - 2003 format: Registration Form .


Who came to the reunion? Here's the latest list: Who Was There?

Thanks to Bev Weiss Shaffner assisted by Sue Huffman Camaraire and Kathy Craig Dunn , everyone whose photo could be located in the yearbooks had a photo on their nametags!

And if you didn't make it, here's what happened:

Weekend Schedule of Events

Thursday, June 11:

    4 PM - 6PM Hospitality Room at Bahia Mar Resort open. You may register, pick up your directory, name badges, and shirt(s).

     Elbo Room Kick-off party, 7:00 pm (or so!) Gather at the Elbo Room – Cash Bar

Friday, June 12

     9AM – 7PM – Hospitality Room Open (Hang out, watch old reunion videos, etc)

     7:00 - 12: Midnight Back to the 50’s Party: Cash bar; Dress in SHS wear, 50’s style,
        or casual.    Hot and cold hors d’oeuvres will be served (no complete meal).

Saturday, June 13

     9AM – 7PM – Hospitality Room Open

     1:30 PM – Tour and Memorial Service for our “ Dragons Eternal” at SHS

            The Reverend John Los (Class of '60) will officiate.

        School bus transportation available from the hotel at 1:pm, returning at 4:00 pm

         If you would like to ride the school bus to Stranahan and have not reserved a space on the bus, please e-mail Mickey Hanes Lee at yardsaler2@hotmail.com to do so.

     7:00 PM– Pre-dinner cocktail hour

     8: 00 PM - Dinner / Dance - Attire: Florida Casual! Please yourself!

        Dinner will be buffet, which should satisfy various diet requirements.

Sunday, June 14

     No planned events

Help us with our

Faculty Search
Looking for SHS Faculty from 1956 - 1961

If you know the whereabouts of any of these faculty and/or staff members, please contact Myken Brady at 954-925-0018
or Bev Hoppe at HapiHopi@aol.com .

From Bev Bryan Hoppe, Sue Huffman Camaraire & Doug Wilson ('60)

January 10, 2009 Update

Dear SHS Alumni:

A Reunion 2009 meeting was held on Saturday, January 10 at the home of Sue Camaraire. In attendance were:
Class of '59: Dennis O'Bea, Jeff & Cindy MacNeir and Bev Weiss Shaffner
Class of '60: Walt Lee, John Gilmore, Sue Huffman Camaraire, Dane Jensen, Doug Wilson and Bev Bryan Hoppe
Class of '61: Michele (Mickey) Hanes Lee
Class of '65 Francine Camaraire Whitman.

AND.... Dixie Joyner , in town for the cruise, dropped by for a few minutes.

Doug reported that he would finalize the number of rooms at the hotel and give them the down payment based on that number the last week of January.

A lengthy discussion ensued regarding event decorations. It is the consensus of the committee that we spend as little as possible. Bev Weiss Shaffner volunteered to check out prices.

Myken Brady sent out announcements to approximately 25 faculty members. Only 2 had responded by the meeting that they would be interested in attending. A discussion ensued regarding the possibility of inviting them as our guests. Bev Weiss Shaffner made a motion to allocate $500.00 toward that cost. Motion carried unanimously.

Mickey and Walt have been working closely with SHS principal Deborah Owen regarding the Saturday memorial service and suggested that we invite her and the 2 assistant principals who are also helping to attend the Friday night event as our guests. Bev Weiss Shaffner made a motion to allocate $105 for that purpose. Motion carried without dissent.

It was suggested that we remind people who aren't staying at the hotel that parking will be an additional $10 per day. This is included in the package price for those staying in the hotel.

Some people have been inquiring about the attire for the week-end. It will be "Florida Casual." There will be no "formal" designation for Saturday evening.

Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 2 PM.


August 23, 2008 Update

Dear SHS Alumni:

A Reunion 2009 meeting was held on Saturday, August 23 at the home of Sue Camaraire. In attendance were:
Class of '59: Walt Lee, Dennis O'Bea, Mike Roland and Bev Weiss Shaffner
Class of '60: Ann Harvey Ottaviano, John Gilmore, Sue Huffman Camaraire, Dane Jensen, John Scott, Doug Wilson and Bev Bryan Hoppe
Class of '61: Michele (Mickey) Hanes Lee
Class of '65 Francine Camaraire Whitman.

A special note: Walt and Mickey came all the way from Lake City for the meeting and Ann came from Tampa!! What great SHS spirit!!

Doug Wilson opened the meeting and called upon Mike Roland regarding the Reunion tee-shirts. Mike reported that the shirts are ready and showed one to the group. They are in royal blue with an orange dragon insignia and the words "Stranahan High School Reunion, 50th Year."

Walt and Mickey Hanes Lee met yesterday with Debra Owens, principal of Stranahan regarding the planned tour, memorial service and tree planting to be held at Stranahan on Saturday, June 13. Ms. Owens says SHS will be open for us on that day and she will even provide student assistants to serve refreshments. She also has 3 school buses which will be available to transport attendees from the hotel to Stranahan for the program. The group approved a time for the program of 2 - 4 PM with buses leaving the hotel at 1:00 PM and returning by 5:00. Details of the program itself will be worked out closer to the event.

Mickey and Walt are doing a great job of trying to locate classmates and have contacted more than 700!

Bev Hoppe reported that we have approximately 75 people who have sent in Registration Forms - but not as many have sent in deposits.

Ann Harvey Ottaviano volunteered to chair the Hospitality Room; Dennis O'Bea and Bev Weiss Shaffner will help her.

Bev Weiss Shaffner agreed to handle publicity.

Myken Brady has agreed to chair Faculty invitations.

There was some discussion about entertainment - what kind, if any is necessary. The possibility of a talent show utilizing classmates' talents; it was suggested that we have a few songs by the members of the Stranahan Singers who attend, possibly persuading Peggy Joyce Barber to attend and lead the singing. Doug likes the idea of having a juke box so people could choose songs like in the old days; it was brought up that people may prefer to enjoy the dinner hour on Saturday night without the interference of loud music.

An e-mail notice will go out in a month or so to remind everyone of the November 1 deadline for the first 50% payment.

The next meeting will be on Sunday, November 2, 2:00 PM at Sue Camaraire's 's once again.


April 28, 2008 Update

Dear SHS Alumni:

Here they are! The Registration and Directory Forms for Reunion 2009.

There are 4 different ways to register:
#1 - go to Reunion 2009 Registration Form. This is a .pdf document.

#2 - If you prefer to have it in Microsoft Word 2007 format, go to Registration Form in Word 2007.

#3 - If you prefer to have it in Microsoft Word 1997 - 2003 format, go to Registration Form in Word 1997 - 2003.

Or, #4 - There is also an online form which you may fill out, copy, and e-mail or print and snail-mail. For this one, go to the Registration page: Reunion 2009 Registration.

Because many classmates have moved during the past 8 years, Walt and Mickey Hanes Lee(Classes of '59 and '61 respectively) have been trying to locate classmates and have already found quite a few. If you would like to help with this effort, please let them know and they'll assign each volunteer a few names at a time from the last directory. Contact them at yardsaler2@hotmail.com

Congratulations to Bev Davis O'Brien, Class of '60, who is the very first person to send in her registration! We received it today!! Way to go, Bev!! She got her form at the mini-reunion in Sebring which was attended by approximately 100 classmates from '59 through '62.


March 3, 2008 Update

Dear SHS Alumni:

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you with the latest on Reunion 2009.

Doug finally met with the people at the Bahia Mar Beach Resort and Yachting Center - formerly the Radisson Bahia Mar - and they finally agreed upon a date:
                                June 12 - 14, 2009

For those who hoped it would be earlier, I can only say we did the best we could taking all things into consideration. If it makes you feel any better, it's still hitting as high as 89 here on some days in the middle of winter!

The bad news is that this hotel is no longer the Radisson - they're the ones who gave us the same prices in 2000 as we'd had in 1995. It has a new owner and prices have risen. The total weekend package prices will be:
                                 for a couple: $550
                                and for a single, $450.

This includes a room for 2 nights; Friday night event, Saturday night event, one directory and one tee-shirt for each classmate. Sunday breakfast is not included as the price for that had risen so dramatically, it seemed prohibitive. For those who want to have breakfast together on Sunday, we'll make other arrangements.

If you are interested in an installment plan for payment, please let us know.

The next step is locating as many classmates as possible for this reunion. Walt and Mickey Hanes Lee have been working steadily to locate classmates and have located quite a few. If you would like to help with this effort, let me know and I'll assign each volunteer a few names at a time from the last directory.

The Registration form with all the individual event prices is under construction and should be available soon.

************************************************************************************** From Bev Bryan Hoppe ('60)

October 11 Update

Dear SHS Alumni:

Several of you have written to see what's been happening during the summer. In a nutshell, we seem to have hit a brick wall in that the Radisson is being very strange and uncooperative. They just won't give us any room prices for any months except June, July and August, 2009 ($119 - $129 per night)! They keep saying the months of April, May, September & October are more expensive. I've e-mailed them and Doug Wilson has called several times and they are pretty much ignoring us! Doug and I have been down there twice to meet with reps. The first time the person didn't even show up! It's as if they really don't want our business. This has been going on all summer!

The plan was to get prices for rooms as well as food prices for Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday breakfast and come up with a package price to present to the committee at a meeting as well as a rep from First Class Reunions to see if they can compete. Because the only time they seem to want us is the summer months and the committee wanted to try for spring or fall, we've been stymied.

We might be able to find a more receptive hotel away from the beach, but we realize that many of you prefer to be at the beach - in walking distance of the Elbo Room. And since we're expecting a fairly large group, there are very few hotels that can accommodate us. We seem to be between a rock and a hard place. We haven't given up, but we are getting frustrated.

Stay tuned! We are hoping to work it out soon.


On May 19, eleven committee members descended upon the Class of '62 Reunion at the Radisson Bahia Mar in order to help us decide if we wanted First Class Reunions reunionweb.com to handle the 50th reunion. Attending were Dennis O'Bea, Jeff and Cyndi MacNeir, Bev Weiss Shaffner, Judy Van Gorder Mazurek, Sue Huffman Camaraire, Francine Camaraire Whitman, Doug and Maureen Wilson, Will and Bev Bryan Hoppe.

Committee gathers at the Radisson.....Greeted by Class of '62's Buddy Dewar.....Orange & Blue balloons

Left to right: Old Echos were on display.....Luckey Dodge, Class of '60 who came with sister Diana, Class of '62 talk to Carol Marshall.....Class of '62's Don O'Neal.....Sue with Sandra Loria Preble, Class of '62

We stayed only during the cocktail hour from 7 - 8 PM. Those I spoke to all seemed to be having a good time and it was fun for me personally to see people I knew in the class whom I hadn't seen in 48 (egad!) years! However, the committee decided to hold off on a final decision until we present our ideas to First Class Reunions (probably mid-summer) and see what kind of plan and pricing they can offer. Since the Class of '62 event was only the Saturday night event, our reunion will be more extensive.

Watch this site for more information!


An organizational meeting was held on Thursday, February 15 to discuss ideas for the 50th reunion for the Stranahan Classes of '59, '60 and '61. Fifteen classmates and spouses attended.

Representing the Class of '59 were Dixie Joyner, Dennis O'Bea, Mike (Walsh) Roland, Jeff and Cindy MacNeir, Bev Weiss Shaffner and Judy Van Gorder Mazurek. From the Class of '60 were Sue Huffman Camaraire, Doug and Maureen Wilson, Walt Lee and Will and Bev Bryan Hoppe. From the Class of '61, Mickey Hanes Lee,and from the Class of '65, Sue's sister-in-law Francine Camaraire Whitman.

There were 3 areas of discussion at the meeting:

1. Should there be one joint reunion for the 3 classes as we've been doing for the past 25 years, or should the Class of '59 have its own separate reunion?

The decision was unanimous that we continue to have a joint reunion.

2. In which year should the reunion be held?

With very little discussion needed, it was unanimously decided that it should be held in 2009 because it will be the 50th anniversary of Stranahan as a high school as well as the 50th Reunion for the Class of '59.

3. Should we hire a reunion company to organize the reunion or continue to have it produced by our own reunion committee?

Walt and Mickey Lee had done a lot of preliminary investigating and suggested that we should consider hiring First Class Reunions reunionweb.com to do the reunion. Questions as to the expense involved, quality of their directory, whether they provide a hospitality room, etc. were brought up. It was decided to send a group to check out one of the reunions they are doing in May to see if they can meet our standards. In the meantime, we will investigate local hotels to see how their costs compare with doing it ourselves.

The next meeting will be on May 22 to make the final decision.

Thanks once again to Dixie Joyner, ('59) who spearheaded this gathering. Even though she lives in Montana she's been really involved in keeping the classes together.

**Something New to check out! Stranahan has a 50th anniversary keepsake on its official website Stranahan High School. It's not the 50th anniversary of the first graduating class, but rather 1957 - the year Stranahan became a high school.

**Hooray for Mike Roland ('59)!

Mike reports that he has already obtained more than 300 tee shirts for the 50th Reunion!

To contact us:
SHS Reunion 2009
1040 SW 52 Avenue
Plantation, FL 33317

Bev Bryan Hoppe: 954-587-9275
Sue Huffman Camaraire: 954-214-8012
Email:  Strnhn2000@aol.com or SCamaraire@aol.com or HapiHopi@aol.com